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We will use various tools to build a portfolio that suits your needs, including multiple equity index or ETF replications, customized indices, A strategies, and personalized investment portfolios. We'll also utilize fixed income ETF's to satisfy appropriate asset allocation needs.

A  Custom Strategies:

  • Inflection Point: Antifragility and asymmetry, the fundamental, driving principles of A , are at the core of this strategy, which seeks pain, to gain strength from disorder. In a world of ~5% cash interest rates, and accelerating change, we deem it prudent to hold some cash, while earning almost 5%, and await the inevitable opportunities that arise in uncertain times. We will patiently await extreme emotions, backed by volume data and deploy capital when positive asymmetry is deemed compelling. While this strategy will hold high cash balances in or order to be able to react opportunistically, it will also offer exposure to our best investment and trading ideas. We will be actively running this strategy for two investment firms beginning July 1st. 

  • Buyback: Another strategy which ultimately benefits from downside shocks are companies that have buybacks in place. Significant downdrafts yield bigger share repurchases, ultimately benefitting from macro driven drawdowns. Thus, this strategy benefits from an unpredictable world, gaining strength from downside shocks. We also think it prudent to have some exposure to companies with buybacks in place, which have solid cash flow and balances sheets. 

  • Buyback/Competitive Advantage: This strategy will focus on the companies which satisfy the characteristics listed above, but also those that comply with  competitive advantage criteria.

  • Hedge Fund Star Delta (equal weight and change weighted): There are certain investment managers, which time and time again, demonstrate superior insight. We have accumulated a list of great investors over the years, our best of the best. When they demonstrate conviction via large purchases, we want to be on their side. This strategy will seek to own companies that our best of the best investor list are accumulating, identified through 13f filings. We will also be mindful of their accumulation level and be comfortable with the value proposition.

  • Hedge Fund Star AI: AI is a compelling theme that will drive tremendous innovation. This group of companies will be those with a comprehensive AI strategy, that great investors own or are buying. 

  • Hedge Fund Star/Competitive Advantage: This strategy will focus on companies which satisfy our competitive advantage criteria (see checklist on Investment Foundation page) AND are owned by our list of great investors.

Existing equity index or ETF tracking:

  • We can shadow nearly any index or ETF and/or customize them with tilts to suit unique needs. 






Focus and Hydra funds will often run higher cash balances than traditional fund s in order to be in a position to benefit nevitable occurrences.                       



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