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Pat O'Donohue, driven by his passion for the markets and investing, founded A   Capital Management after spending eighteen months building the infrastructure of Evolve Mental Health, a newly-formed mental health practice aggregation company. With his experience and expertise, Pat recognized the opportunity to establish a successful investment firm and pursued his entrepreneurial aspirations with the launch of A  Capital.


For the previous twenty five years, Pat worked on Wall Street, first as an equity trader, then as a index-arbitrage and event driven analyst, at employee owned Weeden & Co, which was eventually acquired by Piper Sandler. Pat's passion has always been trying to uncover disruptive companies that present asymmetric opportunities. That ambition continues, while offering people a low-cost way to build long-term wealth.


Pat is a graduate of Colgate University, Columbia Business school, and is a CFA Charterholder. He lives in Old Greenwich, CT with his wife and four children. 

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Focus and Hydra funds will often run higher cash balances than traditional fund s in order to be in a position to benefit nevitable  occurrences.                       



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